Which Interior Design courses are most affordable?

The latest list of the top 10 most expensive courses in the U.S. for undergraduate and graduate students and students with a bachelor’s degree.

The list of top 10 least expensive is dominated by programs in engineering, architecture and interior design.

In addition, there are programs in business and accounting.

Here’s what the rankings found, according to the National Council of Higher Education.1.

Design Courts for Designers in Higher Education – $19,500 (The National Council says the most expensive in the country)The most expensive is at the University of Minnesota, which charges $19.9 million for its Design Studies program.

The University of California, Berkeley, which is considered the top public university in the United States, charges $17.8 million.2.

Design Design Studies – $12,300 (The College Board says the least expensive)The College of Engineering and Design at the State University of New York at Stony Brook, $12.7 million.

The School of Design at Georgia Tech, $11.9 to $13.1 million.3.

Architecture and Interior Design – $10,000 (The New York Times says the cheapest)The school of architecture and the School of Civil Engineering at the Ohio State University, $8,000 to $9,000.4.

Art and Design -, $7,500 to $8 in the $8-to-$9,999 range (The American Council of Trustees and Alumni says the worst)5.

Business, Finance and Management – $6,500 ($6,300 for the master’s program)The Business School at the College of the Holy Cross, $5,400-$6,000, including $1,000 in tuition and fees.

The school of business, finance and management at the National University of Singapore, $4,700-$5,000 a year.6.

Computer Engineering – $5 to $10 in the top half (The U.K.’s Telegraph newspaper says the best)The School of Computer Engineering at George Mason University, where it charges $5.3 million for the Bachelor of Science in Computer Science program.7.

Computer Science and Engineering (BAe) – $2,800 ($2,000 for the bachelor’s program, plus $750 in tuition)The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, where students are paying $2.5 million for a bachelor of science in Computer Engineering.8.

Computer Networking and Security – $3,000 ($3,200 for the program)9.

Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering (EECE) -$3,600 ($3.2 million for master’s and doctoral programs)The Engineering College of New Jersey, where undergraduate and advanced engineering students are earning $3.3 billion in research grants annually.10.

Architecture & Urban Design -$4,000($4,500 for the Master of Architecture program)More from Fox News:

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