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Students in an Interior Design course in Virginia can earn up to $50,000 a year, while graduates can earn as much as $90,000, according to a report released Thursday by the National Council of the Architectural and Planning Bureaus.

The study, released by the council in partnership with the nonprofit Center for the Study of Architecture and Urban Planning, found that the most common entry-level courses were the Business, Environmental Design, Design for Health, Design and Architecture, and Architectural Engineering.

The most common graduate courses, on the other hand, included: Education Design, Information Technology, Information Systems and Computer Systems, Architectural Design, Building Construction, and Architecture and Landscape Architecture.

The average salary for an interior designer in the U.S. is $74,600 a year.

The survey also found that students in the Art and Design and Environmental Design courses had the highest median annual earnings.

Students in the Business and Environmental and Design courses earned $70,000 and $58,000 annually, respectively, while students in Architecture and Lands and Architecture earned $50 and $39,000.

The median annual salary for architects and landscape architects was $75,000 for the latter group, while landscape architects earned $51,000 in the former group.

The report is the latest to show how the architecture profession is growing.

The industry grew by 6.5 percent last year, according the latest figures from the Association of American Bar Associations.

But the profession faces competition from the technology industry, which saw a 7.1 percent increase in enrollment in the last fiscal year, up from 6.2 percent in 2016, according data from the American Institute of Architects.

And while the profession has seen an explosion of graduates, its ranks have not been as diverse as the tech sector, according a report published by the Association for the Advancement of Indirectly Employable People.

More than one-third of architects, engineers and IT workers in the profession are white, according an analysis by the report.

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