Why a $2 million renovation at the Erez checkpoint is the next big thing

In the past few months, the Israeli border town of Erez has undergone an extraordinary transformation, transforming from a small town to a bustling hub for international tourism.

Now, as part of an international campaign by the city’s mayor, an impressive and well-designed renovation of the iconic Erez Checkpoint, dubbed “Trucks, Trucks, and More Trucks,” has been announced.

In the last few months the Erev Yehuda Regional Council has been hosting more than 60 workshops on designing and building modern urban infrastructure, and a recent poll found that 80 percent of the population supports the project.

Now it looks like the Ereva municipality is also planning to expand its project, and will be moving to build a new checkpoint next year.

“We decided to start this project because we think the city needs an urban renewal, and we believe that this new checkpoint will be a great thing for Erev Yehudah,” says Mayor Moshe Kahlon, who is spearheading the project with his wife, Miriam.

Kahlon was not available for an interview, but he told Haaretz that he is confident the project will pay off.

“This will give us a much-needed boost in our economy, and our tourism industry,” he said.

“It will also help us keep the city in the public eye, and in this way, the tourism industry will become more vibrant.”

Construction of the new checkpoint, which is currently under construction, is expected to take about a year, and is expected eventually to become a city-wide project.

It is hoped that this will lead to a significant boost in tourism and a boost in the economy of Ereav Yehudi.

“Ereav is a beautiful city, but the new Erez is the city that people want to visit, and this project will bring new life to it,” Kahlon said.

A new checkpoint is a welcome step towards revitalizing the town, but it’s not the only step in a plan that is already underway to turn the Eretz-Habayit Hayehudi highway into a major tourist attraction, and to attract international travelers.

The road was closed to international traffic in the summer of 2017 to make way for the construction of the fence, and it’s expected to be open again this year.

But Kahlon says that the new project will not just help Ereve, it will also bring a whole new set of visitors to the town.

“As a city, Erevar is a tourist destination,” he told the Jerusalem Post.

“Our main aim is to make the Eresav Checkpoint a real tourist destination.

We want to bring a different kind of tourism to Eretzu.”

Kahlon hopes that this project can attract international tourists and help bring the town back to its former glory, a situation that is now changing.

“Now we are starting to get international tourists,” he added.

“And this will be our future.”

[ID: H4M2B2H4B2]

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