How to Get a Designer’s Eye for the Future

Designer Nicki Hausfeld is a woman who has been working with the visual arts for years.

The self-described “designer” is an expert in visual communication, and in this post, she shares her tips for getting the most out of her design skills.


Write your ideas down.

When you start a project, it’s a good idea to write down what you’re looking for and what you want to achieve.

Nicki explains that, “Writing down your vision is one of the best ways to help you understand how you should build your portfolio.”


Take notes.

This is a critical skill that designers should learn in order to succeed in this industry.

“One of the greatest mistakes you can make in the design world is writing down ideas without taking notes,” she says.

This allows you to see how others are thinking, and can help you become a better designer.


Design in an environment.

“Designers must be able to design in an environments that have been designed by experts,” says Nicki.

“A designer who is working on a project with no experience working in the industry will be working in a very sterile environment, so taking notes helps you develop a strong working relationship with the people who have built the project for you.”


Write a roadmap.

“This is one area where you will be able work with people who are experts in their field,” she adds.

“When you are starting a project it’s important to make sure you have an outline of what you are going to build, and what to expect.”


Get to know your client.

“If you have a client, make sure that they know you, and that they are not looking at you as some kind of an outsider,” she advises.


Be specific.

Nick and her fellow designers are passionate about their craft and have developed a number of tools that they use in order for them to succeed.


Be a creative thinker.

Designers should be able have an understanding of how their work will be perceived by others, and the best way to do this is by creating art that resonates with them.

“You should be creative enough to not look at things the way that you are, but at the best in your craft,” she explains.


Work on a portfolio.

“Your portfolio should be something that people can see how you work and that will help them understand how to build their portfolio, as well as show you are a creative person,” says Hausfield.

“It’s also a great way to communicate with clients about your work.”


Be willing to learn.

“Don’t be afraid to learn new things,” she states.

“We do the best we can when we are in a position to learn, and we need to be open to what others can offer us as well.”


Learn from others.

“As designers, we have to learn from others,” she recommends.

“Just because we don’t understand everything, doesn’t mean we aren’t creative enough.

If we can learn something from others, we can share it with others.”

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