How to Build Your Own Jewellery: Build a Jewellery Designer Course

A new online course from the jewellery design and modelling studio Jewellary Designing is designed to teach aspiring jewellery designers and designers that the art of jewellery is more than just fashion, craftsmanship and design.

The course covers the basics of the jewellery industry, as well as design processes that can help a jewellery designer create the pieces they envision.

The online course aims to introduce the jeweller and jewellery buyer to the fundamentals of jewelling, such as the craftsmanship of the piece, the material used and the finishing touches, and to explain the different materials available.

Students learn how to select the right colour, design the perfect fit, create the perfect jewellery and then create a stunning piece of jewellry.

“The jewellery business is very, very complex, and it’s really important that jewellers understand the complexities of the business,” Jewellery Designing’s co-founder, Joanna Balsam, said.

“We want to make it as easy as possible for people to understand that the jewelling world is full of complexities.”

Balsam said she wanted to make the jewelled journey as accessible as possible, and the course is designed with students in mind.

“It’s about giving them a platform to be able to look at the jewelry and make their own jewellery,” she said.

The course also has a focus on jewellery for women, with the focus on the styles, colours and designs of jewelled dresses and jewelled accessories.

Balsams said that one of the reasons that she decided to launch the course was to help female jewelliers and designers become more confident in their own skills.

“I think a lot of the women in the industry that I know have been trying to do it their whole lives and they’re struggling with the confidence, they’re trying to keep their hair down and not look too glamorous, but they’re also struggling with it and they have to keep a pretty face to make a good impression,” she explained.

“If you look at how many jewellery styles are created for women in this country, they tend to be very simple and simple designs, and you can get the same style for men.”

If you think about the complexity of jewelery and how we work with jewellery, it’s very, really complex.

We’re not going to show you how to make one jewellery piece, we’re going to teach you how it looks.

“The course is free to enrol, and students can choose from a range of subject matter, including jewellery making and jewelling accessories, to learn the craft of jeweling.

Bays and Balsams have also partnered with Australian Fashion Designer, Julie Gorman, who is known for her jewellery-centric clothing line, Gorman and Giorgio.

The pair will be showcasing the course at the Australian Fashion Design Awards on January 18.

Jewellers and designers can apply for the course through the online course and apply by phone on 03 9296 6071.

Jewellery Designing will be launching a number of courses to coincide with the upcoming awards season in January, including a special jewellery show at the Sydney Opera House, an exhibition featuring pieces by Australian designers and a show at Melbourne Fashion Week.

The full listing of the courses can be found on the Jewellers & Designers site.

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