Why are you spending so much time online?

Fashion Designers in India, the world’s third largest fashion industry, have been using social media to share their creative work since the dawn of time.

But it is now the fashion industry’s turn to make a bold move.

For the first time, fashion designers are being required to sign up to a platform that is more focused on making them more valuable.

The platform, called Fashion Hub, is part of a global initiative that aims to boost the fashion and beauty industries.

Fashion Hub is a platform of online marketing and brand management that is being launched by the Indian brand agency, Sondh.

Sondhar Sondhi, the agency’s executive director, said the platform aims to empower fashion designers, brands and other business people to make money online.

“We are building a platform where they can monetise their services and create a platform to sell their products, but also to be recognised for their expertise and craftsmanship,” she said.

The Fashion Hub platform is set up under the umbrella of the Indian Fashion Academy (IFAD), which is the largest online training institution in the country.

The IFTD aims to help fashion designers and other professionals in the field of fashion design make money and attract clients.

In an online fashion education programme, it is possible to get advice and advice on how to market and sell products online.

It also offers a platform for brands to share how they are selling their products.

Sondshi said the IFTA, the organisation behind the platform, has already partnered with the Indian beauty brand, Nourish, and other fashion brands to create an online platform.

Ifta, which was founded in 2010, was initially focused on digital marketing but it has grown into an online marketing platform that has over 500,000 users across 50 countries, she said, adding that it is also a hub for social media marketing.

“We have been working with various brands to build this platform,” she added.

Sondhi said there was also a need for a digital brand to help in the branding of their brands.

“When brands come to us with a need, we get in touch with the brands and give them a template to use as a starting point.

For example, we have been partnering with an international beauty brand to create a beauty campaign,” she explained.

The agency is also working with international brands to work out how best to create content for the platform.

Sondshi added that the agency has already signed up to various international fashion platforms, and it is looking at how to expand the reach of its platform.

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