What is an interior design school?

A new program offered by the Interior Ministry and the Education Ministry has been launched to provide courses to Israeli students for interior design courses.

The program, which was announced on Monday, will allow students to get up to seven years of advanced education in interior design.

The Interior Ministry is also launching a new initiative to offer courses in the field of design to Israeli high school students, and has also announced a new program for the Israeli community to pursue their careers in the fields of interior design and architecture.

The new program is the first one of its kind in the world, said Dr. Meir Amit, a professor of architecture at Tel Aviv University.

It is an important step in our country’s education, said Amit, adding that he is also happy to see that it will be used by the private sector as well.

I’m proud of the Interior Minister, who announced the initiative and has been encouraging this kind of program for years, said Shlomo Zell, director of the Center for Architecture and Design at Bar Ilan University.

We are also glad to see the Education Minister, the Education minister, announcing this initiative.

It will be the first time that this kind is offered to Israeli children.

It will help us to increase the numbers of Israeli students, said Zell.

The program is aimed at making the Israeli population more aware of interior designer’s profession and the professions in general, he added.

The Interior Ministry’s interior design department, in partnership with the education ministry, launched the program in June, and it is currently being offered in the cities of Haifa, Beersheba and Nazareth.

The courses will be offered in three levels: Design, Construction and Interior Design.

The Education Ministry also announced last month that it would launch a new Interior Design program in the second half of 2019, aiming to provide more opportunities for young people to get their hands on advanced design training.

The ministry has said it expects to expand the program to cities as well as towns and villages.

The two programs are designed to increase participation in the profession and to provide the opportunity for students to take courses in an environment conducive to the study of design.

Interior design courses are taught by the Israeli-Palestinian Institute for Planning and Architecture and are part of a curriculum for all levels of education.

It is expected that the new programs will be taught in several Israeli cities, including Haifa and Ramallah.

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