Fashion Designers in Fashion Design Course: A guide to the latest trends

The fashion industry is no stranger to creative trends.

However, many of the trends are less known and can take a lot of time to develop.

This year, we are bringing you the latest fashion design course from our own brand, fashion designer and fashion designer editor, Claire Coddington.

Claire is an award-winning fashion editor and has worked for the BBC, New York Magazine, Time Out, and many other magazines.

Claire has taught at several fashion schools, including The Academy of Fine Arts and Design, Fashion Design College, The Fashion Institute of America, The International School of Fashion, and The School of Fine Art and Design at The College of Art, Design, and Design Management at The University of Texas at Austin.

Claire was previously an editor and curator for the New York magazine, and she has also written about the fashion industry for the Guardian, The Independent, The Times, the New Statesman, and the Economist.

This week, we bring you the second part of Claire’s Fashion Design course.

In Part Two, Claire shares her favourite fashion trends that have changed the world and the stories behind them.

You can find Claire’s full programme on BBC News (app users can access this here) or on BBC iPlayer.

Claire will also be speaking at the Oxford Fashion Design Festival.

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