How the ‘new normal’ of home decor can help you transform your apartment into a modern piece of art

The art world has been grappling with the question of what constitutes art for more than a century, but what constitutes an aesthetic?

The new norm is now the new normal, with fashion designers embracing modern art and home decor as an integral part of their collections.

While the art world, especially in fashion, has largely stuck to the old norm, new trends and trends are pushing the boundaries of what can be considered art.

Home-designer and illustrator Yossi Cohen recently released a book entitled Designing For Art.

In it, he talks about his desire to design for art, but also explains the limitations of traditional art as a form of art and what the future holds for art.

“Art is not just about making art, it is also about making the world better.

And that is the future of art.

The future of culture,” Cohen said in a video message posted on his website.”

I see art as the art that we are building on our walls, the art we are making here in our homes, the arts that we use as inspiration for our work and our lives.

But I also see it as the future that is coming.

And I see that in design, in furniture, in design.

And when I see it I see a future where we can change the world and we can become more artful.”

The goal of the book is to change how we think about art, and he’s doing just that.

His aim is to show that, yes, art is beautiful and art is important, but so are any other art forms, including music and design.

He says that the future is looking bright for art because we can see the potential of art to be an important component of our lives and the way we live.

“We’re at the point where art has the potential to become a new tool in our toolkit to help us understand our world and our world is changing.

And the world is not what it used to be.

The world is much more complex than we ever imagined it to be,” Cohen told The Jerusalem Times.

The book is available on and at

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