How to Get the Best Fit Out of Your Office Dressings

A dressings company has created a dressers-only program for employees.

Read moreThe company, which was created by a small startup called FABRE Design, said that its new dressers only program would be available to employees at companies with annual sales of more than $1 million.

“We have an awesome amount of customer base that are looking for a great fit for their office,” the company wrote in a blog post.

“It can be difficult to find the right fit for a certain office space and our team is here to help.”

Customers can choose between four styles: black, brown, red, or blue.

Each one will cost $19.99.

Customers can also choose between a “customer service team” of designers that will provide recommendations for a more tailored look.

“Customers are in the business of buying what they want and they expect quality, and the FABRIUX dressers are the perfect match,” FABRADE Design wrote.

“FABRIIX dressers will make sure your workplace looks and feels just as good as your next door neighbors.”

Read moreCompanies are currently required to provide employee-only dressings for their corporate office spaces, but this program is different.

The company said that it’s a better fit for companies that have fewer than 50 employees.

“This is a much more efficient way to get the same quality as your customers,” FACT founder, Kevin Wimmer, told Business Insider.

“It is very important for your employees to feel like they are getting a quality product.

I think it’s the best fit for your customers.”

The company says it will provide a new product that customers can use once the new program launches, but Wimmer said it will only offer the new dressings to employees that are part of the program.

The company said its goal is to make it easier for employees to find and choose their best dressings.

“Employees can now take the lead and decide on their personal style,” the blog post reads.

“With this new partnership, they can now access all the products available to them and their colleagues, and they can access their favorite brands from the same source.”

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