The Next Big Thing is a Design-Build-Engineer-Learn-Engineering-Technology Conference series

In the past two years, the world has seen some incredible designs and innovations in design and manufacturing.

But how do we get designers, engineers, and makers to collaborate on new solutions for everyday life?

Today, we present The Next BIG Thing, an innovative and hands-on series of Design-build-engineer-learn-engineering-technology conferences that will take place over the next few years.

This year’s conference will take attendees from a wide range of backgrounds and disciplines, from architects, engineers and entrepreneurs to teachers, artists, and designers.

Topics for the first event included the design of the future interior of a car and the design process of designing a house.

In addition, there will be a series of hands-off sessions with industry experts who will discuss how they use their knowledge and experience to build new products.

Learn more about The Next Bipartisan Design-Engineers-Learn.-Engineering Conference series: Next Big Design, Next Big Engineers, Next BIG Engineering, Next BI, Next Business, Next Education, Next Energy, Next Global, Next Industrial Design, and Next Mobile.

Next Big Tech has teamed up with The Next BI to create a series dedicated to the latest technology and innovation in the next generation of Big Tech.

This series includes technology, engineering, and entrepreneurship focused on Big Data, IoT, and AI.

Next BIG Tech is the premier Big Tech conference focused on technology and entrepreneurship.

Topics will include: How Big Tech is evolving; how to get started with Big Tech; Big Data; Big Tech Entrepreneurship; Big Technology Governance; and Big Tech Companies.

Learn More about Next Big Business Series: Next BIG Technology, Next Biz, Next Tech, Next AI, Next Analytics, Next Security, Next Finance, and More.

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