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Senior Testimonials

Name: Veena.s
Course: Advance diploma in fashion designing 
Experiences: I’m very happy to join this college I learned many things here and getting good experiences in this course. 

Name: Supritha.E
Course: Advance diploma in fashion designing
Experiences: I am very happy to join this course. I have learnt many things in this course. I’m very proud to join this course my dream has come true. 

Name: Monika
Course: Advanced diploma in fashion design. 
I have always loved fashion designer. I have been trying to learn some of it, especially sewing, drafting and draping.I'm finally making my own clothes. I like to do embroidery and fabric painting. I have learnt so many things here am happy about it. I know there is a lot more to learn and thankful for Ignite Institute creative studies institute.

Name: Madiha. Jigni
Course: Advance diploma in fashion designing. 
Experiences: My experience in this institute is very good. I learnt in depth about fashion and style I am very much glad to be a part of this institute thank you

Name: Navyashree.N
Course: Advanced diploma in fashion designing
Experiences: I am Navyashree, my dream is to become a designer, so on 2017 July I joined this course. I am so happy with my academics, and efficient. Through workshops we get to learn so many new things. Institute has given us opportunities to show our capability to professional world.

Name: Chaithra Nag Gowda
Course: Advance diploma in fashion designing 
Experiences: My experience was good in this institution has I learnt many things which enhanced my creativity. It gave me confidence to participate in many events though i am a slow learner, this institution encouraged me and never discouraged.

Name: Digeshwari Sahu
Course: Master diploma in fashion designing
Experiences: I am student of master diploma in fashion designing. I’m very passionate for designing so I choose this course. I’m very much certify in this institution education system.

Ignite institute is given my very comfortable education to me because when I came and took that subject that time as they are helping me and teaching the way I wanted to learn. Thank you Ignite

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Junior Testimonials

Name: Karuna
Course: Diploma course in fashion designing
Experiences:Good experience, nice facility, having a good communication & unity among all in understanding sense, and also recently won a prize in fashion show ,& pround to be a student of IGNITE INSTITUTE

Name: Anupriya.P
Course: Diploma course in fashion designing 
Experiences: Doing creative things and having good facilities.

Name: POOJA C. A
I’m studying in IGNITE INSTITUTE OF CREATIVE STUDIES, I’m happy with this institution because the way of teaching is too good and if we have any doubts they clear in fraction of second , and also the management is also too good about college timings , discipline and rules and regulations is good I’m happy with this institution.

Name: Sharada P G
Course: PG diplomo in Fashion Designing
Experiences: It is very good and interesting. I am learning many new things here. Every one helps a lot. I learnt illustrations, embroidery, pattern making

Name: Kusuma
Course: PG Diploma In Fashion Designing
Experiences: It's been 5months I had been in this institute; It's a good experience as I got to learn about illustration, pattern making and embroidery.

IAD Students Feedback

Name: Sumanth
Experiences:I got into this field because of my family background. I felt it’s easy to make money but realized it is hectic and nothing is easy. But I feel I took a good decision by joining because I learnt many things.

Name: Abhilasha H
Course: I am into designing houses and interior design. I like change. I like creating thing out of nothing. I am so passionate about creative things. Its not about just putting things in a room. It’s much deeper and broader. It’s about self-discovery.

Name: Prerana S
Inspired by dad’s field. But later it made me realize that this field has many more exposures and opportunities makes me feel it is a different world altogether. Loving it.

Name: Hemavathi L
Experiences: As I was very much interested in designing I came to this interior field. I have started learning many software’s which is most important. This can help me in my future to attend the jobs.
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